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CabinMate is backed by Lorraine Travel, a full service travel management company that has been in business since 1948.

'It takes two to make a thing go right'

by Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock

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Our Mission

Saving Money

To save solo travelers money.

Connecting People

To enable strangers to make meaningful connections.

Making a Change

To help solo travelers find companionship and get more out of a shared vacation experience.

Building Relationships

To see our most avid users build lasting relationships that will foster repeat trips.

Keeping It Positive

To fulfill dreams and make people happy.

What you’ll love about CabinMate

  • It’s totally Free!

  • One you find a CabinMate to share a cabin with, you’ll save 50% of the solo rate on a cruise.

  • Completing a free profile only takes a couple minutes.

  • The app automatically compares your profile with all other profiles to show you the compatibility score of other potential CabinMates.

  • As the platform grows, you’ll have an abundance of CabinMates to choose from.

  • When any new CabinMate that appears to be highly compatible registers, you’ll get a notification.

  • Only the profiles with the highest compatibility scores will be displayed to you.

  • You’ll be able to anonymously message other CabinMates to create a match.

  • Once an actual match takes place, as Cabinmates you’ll choose a cruise off the App.

  • Our site has hundreds of cruises on the most popular cruise lines

  • You’ll be able to place a “hold” on a cruise at the best price without any immediate payment required

  • We’ll then manage the cruise reservation for two CabinMates from the inception of the booking to the completion of the sailing.

Our Story

The idea behind CabinMate originated with the challenges we at Lorraine Travel had in handling single passengers that needed roommates on large cruise groups. The matching process was a very time consuming, manual chore for our staff and passengers had little control over how they were paired-up. Add to that, how singles would be turned off by the idea of a cruise when they'd be faced with paying the "single supplement; we set out to create a solution.

Cabin Mate is an app-based “roommate finder” for singles to find an ideal roommate for any cruise. The idea of enabling singles to find each other online to split the cost of a cruise bodes well with the “sharing economy”. Today, so many things beyond homes & rides are being shared. CabinMate will provide single travelers a more immersive, authentic, and affordable travel experience. Using CabinMate will afford solo, like-minded travelers the opportunity to make new relationships and friendships, establishing a social network for adults from multiple generations who enjoy cruise vacations.

Coming Soon, SplittingIt, an app for singles to share hotel rooms at 5 Star hotel! Stay-Tuned.


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