Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

  • How does this all work?

    The process of finding and confirming a roommate is very straight forward. Simply browse through the list of available passengers and click the "roommate request" button of their profile page. That passenger will get a notification and if they agree then a match is made.

  • Who can see my profile?

    Your profile is only viewable by other passengers on your same cruise who have completed their profile set-up. And unless you have expressly chosen to allow it, your profile is also only available to passengers of your same gender.

  • Is there a deadline for finding a roommate?

    Yes, we have a limited amount of time before accommodations must be finalized. If you have not found a roommate through this site by the deadline we will attempt to directly match you with a remaining available passenger.

  • Is a roommate limited to my same gender?

    By default, yes. However, we have added an option to search for a roommate of any gender. In order to see those passengers both parties must have agreed to this.

  • What if my roommate match has a different cabin category?

    Each guest using this platform should have a confirmed reservation in a specific stateroom category. Roommates with different categories will have to agree which of the two room categories they wish to keep as the category they will be paired in. Therefore, a different category has cost implications to one of the roommates. One guest would either have to upgrade (at an additional cost that would be equal to the differential between the category paid and the category being upgraded to) or downgrade (resulting in a potential refund for the lower cost of a downgraded category). One of our agents will help roommates with the math.

Request Questions:

  • Can I make more than one request?

    Yes, you can make requests to anyone you think would be a good fit. However, once someone accepts a request from you, all other requests in which you are the sender or recipient will be cancelled and appear as "Cancelled (Match)" to both you and the other passenger.

  • Can I go back and accept a request I had previously declined?

    Not at this time. You may however issue a request to that same passenger. It is then up to him/her to accept or decline.

  • Can I break an established match?

    We strongly discourage this unless there is grounds to support the request.